A simple graphic print that can be compared to the very grid-like layout of the streets of inner city Johannesburg.


This fun and quirky print was inspired by the exotic depictions of Africa during its colonisation and the often absurd and exaggerated representations of the creatures that were encountered by the Europeans. 


Another one of Johannesburg's defining features is its dramatic and electric thunderstorms that light up the skies in summer with brilliant bolts of lightning. Strike was inspired by the bold geometric lines that dance across the Joburg skyline.


This print is an abstracted representation of the broad grassy plateaus that make up much of the South African interior. Long grasslands have come to epitomise The Highveld.



Jungle was inspired by the whimsical and exotic travel narratives and the detailed etched representations of the first African colonisers' experiences. The dense tangle of foliage is also reminiscent of the endless trees that make up Johannesburg- the biggest man made forest in Africa.



Johannesburg exists today because of the discovery of gold in the late 1800s. This print is a tribute to the rocky layers within the mines where gold was extracted along the reef.